Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SchoolKart provides this web site as an informational source without informational collection intent. However, some information is collected in the process. We provide the following privacy statement for the site in order to disclose the nature of this information and how the information is handled.

While visiting this site our servers will log your IP address, time and date information, and the specific files requested. This information is used internally to monitor Web site traffic. No attempt is made to discover identity based on the IP address. A cookie is an information packet that is passed to and stored on your computer. A cookie was set when you first visited the site in order to identify you as a repeat visitor on subsequent visits. Additionally, the client login section utilizes cookies to manage login information.

Any information that is submitted to SchoolKart via email becomes property of SchoolKart and may be used at its discretion. Information gathered by the completion of online forms on this web site will be used solely for the purpose or purposes indicated by the given form.

This site provides links to other sites. SchoolKart makes no statement on the privacy policies of sites not under its direct control. You are encouraged to read the privacy policies of any site that you visit after leaving this site.

SchoolKart reserves the right to modify its privacy policy as needed. Any and all changes will be reflected immediately in the statement.